Manage compliance, cost and impact of external service providers

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Transparency - Efficiency - Performance

Get real-time insights and answers to key questions:

  • Who is or has worked for you?
  • Who has hired them?
  • What exactly are they doing?
  • How satisfied are you with their work?
  • Are you paying the best rates for them?
  • Are you compliant with company policies, local tax and employment law?
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Tap into the power of your service provider data: Make smarter decisions by aligning cost with performance.

Free yourself from decentralized spreadsheet chaos and transform the way you manage your external partners. Organize your ‘Outercore’ out of one central database, accessible by all employees.

Whether you want to reduce compliance risks or get a handle on the cost and performance of all your service providers, a specific service category, a larger project or just a single service job type. Outerscore will deliver the tools and insights.

Achieve unprecedented transparency and a quick return on investment. You’ll find out that the benefits of our software far outweight the cost. Your total expenditure and the return of your service provider spend will significantly improve: With Outerscore’s cost benchmarking by deliverable, job type and past track records. By enabling a sophisticated, though easy-to-use performance monitoring  that will help you to motivate and improve collaborations in an efficient, fair and constructive way.



Ability to enforce procurement and company policies. Compliance with local tax and labor laws: Customizable compliance check questionnaires, e-signing and approval workflows.

Cost savings

RFx engine enabling competitive bidding and global sourcing. Rate card management. Cost benchmarking by deliverable and job type. Strong arguments for rate renegotiations or variable contract types.


Reduced administrative & manual burden. Easily automate workflows, RFx, performance feedbacks and collect and store all relevant information in one place with real-time access around the globe.


Get the right experts on board: Track industry experience, competencies and specialization. Higher work quality score by continous performance monitoring and motivation of providers for maximum impact.


Assure compliance

Customizable compliance check templates and approval workflows.

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Track staff and costs

Details on staffing of current and past jobs and projects.

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Monitor performance

Tools and dashboards to keep your fingers on the pulse.

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